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Welcome to my gallery of Magic the Gathering altered cards


Not actually a player, I am immersed in the Magic the Gathering universe thanks to my friends and family I have found a fun parallel activity : altering Magic cards.


Alters, what is that ?

Altering a card means to modify the original art like extending the borders (frameless) or repainting the entire textbox (textless).


Example :


Latest news from Sandreline
  • America, me voilà !

    Here is my original model, painted on a canvas. It will be printed on playmats that will be given as prizes for the Eternal Extravaganza.

    I also will be attending there, at that tournament !

    Yes, I do have the huge privilege and honour to be invited for the first time to a U.S. tournament.

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  • Hello
    Having passed those last testing and chaotic days, I'm softly back to my previous activities. Therefore, I'm back to painting and altering. I'll still be trying to be both as creative and as close as I can be to what you like and what I like, aswell. You might need a little more patience than you had a few weeks ago. Doing what I'm doing is still a passionate work, and even if my motivation had somehow faded away due to the last and moving events, I'm still here, standing in the middle of my brushes, paint tubes, airbrushes and other miscellaneous chemical products.  View more
  • When I'm fed up with cards...

    ...let's try something else !

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  • Sorry
    Hi, sorry, this card is not for sale, it was a commission ;-) By Sandreline on the 31/01/13  View comment
  • Buy
    I would like to buy this card, could you please tell me if it's for sale, and if it is how much is it? By taumaturgo on the 31/01/13  View comment
  • Sorry
    Sorry this one was a commission, it's not for sale. If you want to commission a card, please email me. By Sandreline on the 23/10/12  View comment
  • I'd really like to buy this.
    I'd really like to buy this. How do I go about it? By Jerridlc on the 22/10/12  View comment